We Help Community College Students Transfer.

creates free custom transfer plans for
community college students.

  • No More Wasted Credits
  • Improve Your Chances
  • Know Your Deadlines

What's in a Transfer Plan?

A transfer plan includes everything you need to successfully
graduate from community college with an Associate’s degree
and transfer to a university.

  • CoursesBased on your transfer goals, we generate a list of the best courses to help you graduate and transfer.

  • Degree ProgressSee your Associate's Degree progress and estimated graduation date

  • Admissions TasksCreate a list of transfer schools and keep track of your transfer admissions and financial aid deadlines.

  • GuidanceGain access to expert guidance on community college transfer and financial aid.

Just Answer Three Simple Questions

  1. What is your community college?
  2. What is your major?
  3. Where do you want to transfer?

About Us.

Our goal at TransferEDU is to simplify community college transfer. As former community college transfer students, we know how difficult it can be to get answers to basic questions like, "What classes do I need to take?" "How many credits do I need to graduate?" "How do I transfer to a university?" "What are my financial aid options?" Without the right answers, students often spend years wasting money on credits that won't transfer or help them graduate. TransferEDU combines proven transfer advice (we've helped students transfer into the Ivy Leagues) with the best available transfer data to give community college students the answers they need to meet their goals.